Your Comprehensive Guide to Flower Care from Your Trusted Penang Florist

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Congratulations! You’ve just received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a token of love, friendship, or perhaps a simple gesture of appreciation. As the doorbell rings and you’re handed this vibrant bundle, a warm glow fills your heart, and a smile graces your lips. The question now is, how do you keep your floral gift fresh and radiant for as long as possible?
Here at your local Penang Florist, White On White, we believe that every flower tells a unique story, and we’re here to help you preserve that narrative. Follow our comprehensive guide filled with tips and tricks to maintain the beauty and longevity of your bouquet, flower basket, or floral stand arrangement.
Bouquet Flower Care Tips: A well-cared-for bouquet can last between 4-6 days, depending on the type of flowers and the environment they are kept in. Here’s how you can prolong their lifespan:
⦁ Flower Bouquet Positioning: Keep your bouquet upright, with the water bag attached at the bottom to ensure the flowers stay hydrated.
⦁ Hydrate: Fill a spray bottle with clean tap water and lightly mist the flowers 1-2 times per day.
⦁ Location Matters: Keep your bouquet in a cool, shady area away from direct sunlight and electronic devices.
⦁ Prune When Needed: If some flowers or leaves start to wither, don’t hesitate to remove them.
Caring for Unwrapped Bouquets: If you prefer to display your flowers in a vase, follow these additional steps:
⦁ Trim the Stems: Remove the water bag and trim about 1-2 cm off the stems at a 45-degree angle. Repeat this every other day.
⦁ Fresh Water is Key: Change the water in the vase daily. If time is tight, at least top up the water regularly.
⦁ Feed Your Flowers: Use flower food if provided, or make your own solution with a few drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar in the water.
⦁ Stay Vigilant: Remove any wilted flowers or leaves as soon as you spot them.
Flower Box and Basket Care Tips: Flower boxes and baskets are a work of art. Our in-house floral designers painstakingly arrange a mix of flowers into a box or basket, creating a bespoke piece just for you. Here’s how to care for them:
⦁ Check the Floral Foam: The green foam that supports the flowers should be damp. If it feels dry, it’s time to water your arrangement.
⦁ Watering Technique: Use a small-mouthed bottle to gently pour about 50 ml of water directly onto the floral foam. You can also lightly spray the flowers.
⦁ Indoor Ventilation Matters: Keep the arrangement away from the sun and heat-generating devices. A cool room with good ventilation will help the flowers stay fresh longer.
⦁ Remove Wilting Flowers: Like with bouquets, remove any wilted flowers or leaves promptly.
⦁ Beware of Ripening Fruits: Keep your flower box or basket away from ripening fruits, as they emit ethylene gas that can cause flowers to age faster.
Remember, a little love goes a long way. By following these tips from your trusted Penang florist, White On White, you can enjoy the beauty of your floral gift for days on end. Happy flower caring!


Image: Experience the enchantment of our Vibrant Red Flower Box, a lush assortment of radiant red blossoms that promise to bring life and vibrancy to any setting. Each bloom is handpicked at the peak of freshness, ensuring a dazzling display of crimson hues that captivate the senses. From the deep, passionate tones of red roses to the delicate charm of red carnations, this flower box creates a symphony of red that echoes love, warmth, and celebration. Perfect for any occasion, the Vibrant Red Flower Box leaves an enduring impression of elegance and charm.

Care Tips for Opening Flower Stand and Condolence Flower Stand: Maintaining and caring for a flower stand is way simpler than the previously mentioned. The following tips below will help you upkeep these bloom arrangements to last longer:
⦁ Place Flower Stand under Shade: Most flower stands are displayed outside retail outlets or in outdoor environments. Look for a spot with shade that is away from direct sunlight.
⦁ Mist Floral Arrangement Daily: Check the floral foam condition daily, preferably. When there is a sign of dryness, pour a glass of water directly into the floral foam once or every two days. Use a water spray bottle to spritz clean tap water on the flowers daily. For even coverage on all the flowers, spray the water 6 inches away from the stand.
⦁ Get Rid of Wilted Flowers: At the first sign of dried and wilted flowers, remove them instantly. This will assist in prolonging the flower stand’s freshness.
Enjoy the beauty and elegance of your floral arrangements with these expert care tips from your trusted Penang florist, White On White!

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