Who are the Top Pediatricians in Pune and Hyderabad?

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Numerous well-known physicians who have made caring for children their full-time profession reside in Hyderabad. Let’s examine a few of the best pediatricians in the area that are currently in practice.

Seasoned pediatricians  

Numerous pediatrician in Hyderabad have decades of experience treating various ailments and problems in children. Numerous physicians have obtained their medical degrees from reputed universities in India and outside. They are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in pediatric medicine and therapeutic procedures. For basic checks and serious medical conditions affecting their children, parents can consult these skilled physicians.

Extremely Skilled Pediatricians

Numerous eminent physicians in Hyderabad have pursued superspecialization in particular fields, such as children’s neurology, pediatric gastrointestinal, pediatric cardiology, etc. It enables them to offer extremely specialized treatment for ailments that come within their area of specialization. For precise diagnosis and treatment, children with complicated or uncommon disorders are frequently referred to these super-specialists. The doctor’s in-depth knowledge and skills are utilized to deliver tailored treatment to their super-specialization.

Pediatric Multi-Specialty Clinics  

Hyderabad is home to several sizable corporate and multispecialty hospitals with excellent pediatric departments run by groups of skilled physicians. These clinics have all the necessary tools to manage pediatric cases of any kind under one roof. A vast array of pediatric specialties are available to parents without requiring them to visit different clinics or hospitals. The comprehensive care of the child’s medical requirements is aided by the multidisciplinary approach. There are also state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment centers and round-the-clock emergency services available.

Top Pediatricians in Pune

Over the years, Pune has been a prominent center for healthcare in Maharashtra, drawing in several well-known pediatricians. The following are some of the top pediatricians in the area right now:

Pune, like Hyderabad, is home to numerous pediatricians with decades of combined experience. They have experience in both simple and complicated matters involving kids. They can correctly evaluate problems and select the most appropriate course of action according to their extensive clinical experience.

Skilled Pediatricians  

Super-specialization in pediatric neurology, pediatric gastrointestinal, pediatric nephrology, and other related fields has been achieved by several of Pune’s leading physicians. This enables them to offer children with conditions falling under their respective fields sub-specialized care. To handle uncommon or challenging instances, they employ customized treatment plans and the most recent advancements in medicine.

Pediatric Multi-Specialty Clinics

Teams of talented pediatricians with various specialties work in large corporate hospitals and small pediatric clinics for pediatrician in Pune. It enables the child’s medical needs to be met completely and in a coordinated manner under one roof. Modern emergency, medical, and diagnostic facilities are also open around the clock.

Selecting the Appropriate Pediatrician

Selecting a pediatrician should consider several characteristics in addition to expertise and specialization, such as communication style, bedside manner, availability, location, and cost. Parents that are looking for a doctor who meets their needs can look up reviews online and ask other caregivers for recommendations. Before making a decision, an in-person consultation aids in assessing the doctor-patient fit. When selecting a pediatric healthcare practitioner, the child’s welfare should come first.

Pediatric Specialty Clinics and Facilities

Hyderabad and Pune are home to several specialist pediatric clinics and centers that concentrate on particular medical diseases or specialties, and individual pediatricians. Among them are:

Pediatric Cancer Centers: Specialized pediatric oncology centers furnished with cutting-edge treatment equipment, knowledgeable pediatric oncologists, and supporting care services. They provide pediatric cancer patients with specialized care.

Pediatric Neurology Centers: These are facilities dedicated to treating neurological diseases in children, such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, developmental delays, etc. staffed by specialists such as neurosurgeons and pediatric neurologists. 

Pediatric Cardiology Centers: Outfitted with cardiac surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, catheterization labs, and other specialists to manage a wide range of congenital and acquired cardiac conditions in children. Some provide intricate processes.

Pediatric Gastroenterology Centers: Run by pediatric gastroenterologists, these facilities identify and treat digestive issues in kids, such as IBD, liver conditions, malabsorption, etc. 

Pediatric pulmonary centers: focused on treating respiratory conditions in children, such as lung infections, cystic fibrosis, and asthma. led by specialists in pediatric pulmonology.

Pediatric Endocrinology Centers: Dedicated to treating endocrine system abnormalities and pediatric growth and development. overseen by endocrinologists for children.

The Center for Pediatric Genetics studies child development. overseen by endocrinologists for children.

Pediatric Genetics Centers: For genetic condition diagnosis, counseling, and treatment. Work with clinical geneticists and offer genetic testing services.

These facilities provide specialised pediatric treatment procedures, multidisciplinary expert teams, cutting-edge diagnostic methods, and pediatric-specific infrastructure. They provide more thorough handling of complicated cases.

Emergency Pediatric Care

Large hospitals in both cities have excellent trauma centres and pediatric emergency rooms. Pediatric emergency physicians, surgeons, and ICU specialists with training in pediatric emergencies staff these units. 

They are prepared to deal with any kind of pediatric medical or surgical emergency, including infections, convulsions, respiratory distress, and accidents, around the clock. Prompt stabilization, first aid, and relevant referrals are given. Some even offer facilities for pediatric intensive care.

It guarantees severely ill children receive prompt, expert emergency care. It is essential in saving the lives of young people and preventing treatable illnesses from causing long-term disability.

Developments in Children’s Healthcare

The standard of pediatric treatment in Hyderabad and Pune keeps rising due to continuous medical advancements. Both cities are becoming centers of excellence for cutting-edge pediatric treatments and innovations. 

They provide, for instance, cutting-edge cancer treatments like proton beam radiotherapy for better results in pediatric tumors. Complex congenital deformities can be corrected with the aid of newer surgical procedures. 

Treatment for severe heart disorders is now possible without open heart surgery because of advancements in pediatric cardiology. There are currently treatments available for diseases like spinal muscular atrophy that were once incurable. 

Online consultations and remote patient monitoring are made possible by telepediatrics. Children with chronic conditions can benefit from wearable health devices to help track their vital signs.

All things considered, these cities give kids access to almost every new pediatric therapy available, on par with international norms. It is contributing to better outcomes for pediatric healthcare in the area.


In conclusion, there are plenty of skilled pediatric doctors in Hyderabad and Pune who have a track record of providing excellent care for kids. Parents may choose the best physician to satisfy their child’s healthcare needs with the help of the correct research and recommendations.

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