Seafood Restaurants Liverpool
Seafood Restaurants Liverpool

Liverpool’s Best Kept Secret? Its Fabulous Seafood Restaurants

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Liverpool is well known for many things – its football, The Beatles, its maritime history. But one thing that often gets overlooked is Liverpool’s fantastic seafood restaurants. With its coastal location and history as a major port, Liverpool has access to some of the freshest and most delicious seafood around. Keep reading to discover some of Liverpool’s best kept secrets – its fabulous seafood restaurants that serve up the city’s bounty from the sea.

A City Built on the Ocean

Liverpool’s history is deeply intertwined with the ocean. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Liverpool was one of the largest seaports in the British Empire. Ships would arrive in Liverpool full of goods from around the world, including spices, tea, and cotton. The docks also served as a gateway for millions of emigrants leaving Europe for new shores.

This maritime past helped establish Liverpool’s ongoing connection to the sea. Even today, Liverpool remains an important commercial port. This steady access to fresh fish and seafood allows restaurants across Liverpool to serve up delicious meals showcasing the ocean’s offerings.

Seafood Specialties Found Across Liverpool

Thanks to its coastal location and seafaring history, Liverpool has developed a distinctive seafood cuisine. From upscale restaurants to casual chippies, you can find amazing seafood restaurant Liverpool across the city.

Some local specialties include smoked haddock, sea bass, Atlantic prawns, oysters, mussels, and crab. Restaurants also create delicious dishes like seafood gumbos, paella, ceviche, and seafood curries that incorporate Liverpool’s gifts from the sea.

In addition to nautical-themed establishments along the renovated Albert Dock, you can also find fantastic seafood restaurants in Liverpool neighborhoods like Ropewalks and Lark Lane. Many restaurants source seafood from the lively fish markets at the dock to create meals that are fresh-off-the-boat.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Liverpool

Looking for the best of Liverpool’s seafood restaurants? Here are some must-try spots across the city:


This lively Spanish restaurant serves up paella brimming with mussels, prawns and calamari. Other tempting options include garlicky gambas al ajillo (prawns cooked in olive oil) and Galician-style octopus. Lunya also has an extensive gin menu, perfect for pairing with their seafood small plates.


For an upscale Japanese dining experience, head to Etsu in Liverpool One. This chic restaurant offers sushi and sashimi platters boasting the day’s freshest catches. Seafood hot pots, tempura and robata grilled fish are other excellent choices.

The Baltic Fleet

Housed in a former pub from the 18th century, The Baltic Fleet offers seaside charm and amazing fish and chips. Try their specialty cod, haddock and scampi, paired with mushy peas, curry sauce and other classics. They also have an extensive selection of local beers.

The Pen Factory

An airy, modern space inside a former pen factory, this restaurant highlights seafood in Mediterranean and Greek dishes like grilled whole fish, mussels saganaki and octopus carpaccio. Their fresh fish of the day is always a smart choice.


Focusing on small sharing-style plates, Maray is ideal for sampling a range of Liverpool’s seafood specialties. The menu features cured fish, oysters, fried prawns and calamari, sea bream ceviche, and ever-changing daily catches. Their unusual spices and dressings put a unique spin on seafood classics.

Seafood Experiences Around Liverpool

Beyond its restaurants, Liverpool offers many ways to experience its maritime heritage and excellent seafood:

  • Take a ferry across the River Mersey for stunning views of Liverpool’s waterfront.
  • Visit the Albert Dock and see boats unloading fresh catches along with historic ships and museums.
  • Sample seafood at the local farmers markets and fishmongers along the docks.
  • Time your visit to coincide with the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which showcases the city’s culinary scene including its famous seafood restaurants Liverpool.
  • Book a seafood cooking class to learn insider tips and recipes from local chefs.
  • Check out seafood wholesalers like Wallace & Sons, who supply many seafood restaurants Liverpool.
  • Explore the lobster pots and fishing boats in the coastal villages just outside Liverpool.

Savor Liverpool’s Fruits of the Sea

Liverpool’s maritime history has shaped its growth into a dining destination celebrated for seafood. Thanks to its coastal location and access to fresh catches, Liverpool offers incredible seafood restaurants that highlight the best gifts from the ocean. From upscale dining rooms to casual chippies, you can find amazing seafood across this port city.

So next time you’re visiting Liverpool, venture beyond the Beatles and football to discover one of its best kept secrets – the stellar seafood restaurants serving up Liverpool’s outstanding bounty from the sea. You’ll enjoy an authentic taste of this port city’s rich maritime traditions with every scrumptious bite.


Liverpool’s seafood restaurants showcase the incredible bounty from the ocean that this port city has access to. Exploring Liverpool’s history as a maritime hub provides insight into how seafood restaurants became such a quintessential part of experiencing Liverpool. Whether you’re looking for casual fish and chips or upscale seafood delicacies, Liverpool has many excellent options for savoring the city’s fruits of the sea.


 What types of seafood is Liverpool known for?

  Liverpool is renowned for local catches like Atlantic prawns, mussels, smoked haddock, oysters, crab and sea bass. Its seafood restaurants also serve global seafood in dishes like paella, ceviche and curries.

 Where are the best areas to find seafood restaurants in Liverpool?

  Some top neighborhoods for Liverpool’s seafood restaurants include Albert Dock, Ropewalks, and Lark Lane. The dock areas have many restaurants showcasing fresh seafood.

 What are some top dishes to try at Liverpool seafood restaurants?

  Don’t miss fish and chips, seafood gumbos, grilled and curried seafood, ceviche, oysters and     Liverpool’s specialty dish – smoked haddock. Trying the daily catch is also a great option.


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