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How To Write A Thesis Statement | 4 Steps & Examples

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A thesis statement is an introductory part of your essay. And, for sure, most of you might already know this. Well, when the audience reads through your essays, the first thing they go through is your thesis statement. Therefore, crafting a well-written statement is not a requirement but a necessity.

Imagine you create a thesis statement that is unclear and not properly structured. Furthermore, your main goals and objectives are also not identified. Now, would anyone be interested in continuing this? The answer is nope! Thus, when it comes to creating a thesis statement, you must always think out of the box. You must also be aware of the steps involved in this process.

That is why, just for the sake of helping you guys out, we have created this guide. Here, we will unlock the 4 different steps you should follow when writing a thesis statement. Moreover, here at the end, you can find some fantastic statement examples that will surely help you out in creating the out for your essay. So, stick to the end and enjoy the benefits of this article! However, firstly, let’s see a little bit into what a thesis statement is and why it is important. Let’s go!

What is A Thesis Statement?

When you hear the word ‘ thesis statement.'” What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? You might think of this as an opening sentence of your essay paragraph. Yes, this is somewhat correct. However, this statement is not just a sentence; it is more than that. Wondering why? Well, the answer is simple!

Think of your statement as the backbone of your essay. Your opening statement determines whether or not your work is worth reading. Moreover, it provides your audience with a clear idea about what they can expect from the rest of your work.

Let’s take, for example, you are writing about cyberbullying. Then your thesis statement should be: ” With more and more teenagers using smartphones and social media, cyberbullying is on the rise. Cyberbullying puts a lot of mental and emotional stress on the students. Thus, to combat this parents should restrict the use of smartphones:”

See, this statement tells the primary goal of your essay, which is discussing cyberbullying and how to combat it. Well, remember, this is how your thesis statement should be.

Now, let’s look at the four steps involved in the thesis statement writing process.

4 Crucial Steps For Writing A Thesis Statement

Writing a statement is not a piece of cake. However, it is not that hard, too, if you follow specific steps. Well, here are the steps that you can follow to craft the over-the-top statement that too within minutes. So, let’s go!

Step 1: Investigate Your Research Question

It is one of the crucial steps of writing a thesis statement. Wondering why? Well, think of it like this. Will you be able to write your account if you have zero consideration of your research topic? Nope. It is a big no! Thus, if you want to craft a flawless statement, first investigate your research subject.

Whether you are writing about technology, movies, books, etc, identify what is going to be your topic. Always choose the one that interests you. Moreover, stick to the middle ground and select the one that is neither narrow nor broad.

Let’s take an example of technology. Now, it is a generic topic, and there is much room for you to explore. But, it might make your work a tad bit boring. Now, who would want this? Thus, think of something you want to study in the tech field, like how video games impact child development, etc. This way you can make the research process more accessible.

Step 2: Formulate the Main Idea of Your Essay

It is the second crucial step of statement writing. Have you considered what question you are going to ask? Good! Now, it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and research. Search for the answer to your question and formulate the main idea. Remember, this might take you some days to get your answers. Also, in many cases, it takes individuals years to get their research answer right. Shocking, isn’t it? Well, we were too! Therefore, if you think this is not your forte, then seek help from the professional PhD Thesis Writer.

Step 3: Develop Your Supporting Details

Done with the research topic and main idea? Excellent. Now, move on to developing the supporting details for your thesis statement. Once you have your main idea, ensure that there is enough data to support your claims. Also, make sure it is relevant and reliable. Furthermore, do know what the limitations and drawbacks of your statement are. Lastly, as we stated above, you can seek help from professionals for this too.

Step 4: Combine your Main Idea With the Supporting Details in One Paragraph

Lastly, add your main idea to the statement and then write at least two to three sentences backing up your work. Remember the goal of your thesis statement is to clearly state the main idea of your research work. Thus, make sure to include the supporting details in your statement. Also, a gentle reminder: Do not exaggerate and keep your thesis statement minimal to one paragraph.

Additional Tips for Writing A Thesis Statement

Here are some additional tips that you should follow when writing a thesis statement.

  • Always create a powerful thesis statement to keep your reader hooked.
  • Make sure to keep your sentences shorter and use simple wordings.
  • Proofread each and every sentence after you are done with your thesis statement.
  • Brainstorm before writing!

Examples of Thesis Statement

Are you confused about how to create a thesis statement? Well, don’t be. We have mentioned some examples to make things much easier for you. But a reminder: These statements are just for educating you. And they are yet to be researched. So, don’t use them and create your own.


Topic: Why is early education important in Childhood?
Thesis statement:” Early childhood education helps in fostering skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, etc, as well as enhance academic performance. Therefore, parents should definitely invest in this.”

Health care

Topic: The impact of incorporating technology into healthcare globally.

Thesis statement: Incorporating high-tech gadgets into the healthcare system can enhance medical performance, patient care, and overall public health.


Topic: Impact of Social Media Algorithms

Thesis statement: Social media algorithms play a pivotal role in shaping user behavior. This also leads to different questions about influence and manipulation.


In a nutshell, writing a thesis statement revolves around four crucial steps. And, if you miss any of them, your statement is of no use. Thus, when crafting it make sure to follow them properly. Also, in this guide, we have mentioned some of the amazing statement examples just for your sake. So, if you want you can get help from them.

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